Change is possible. We can make a difference if we continue learning. We value the entrepreneurial spirit in those who would undertake a start up or continue their business enterprises. We value the hard work, passion and determination of Lake County small businesses and believe the time has come for those who can to step up for those who persevere.

Business Management

Business Permit in Lakeport

The City of Lakeport requires every business operator to obtain a business license including contractors, peddlers, home occupations, and mobile vendors.

Building Permits in Clearlake

Before you can proceed with a construction project, you need to secure a building permit issued by the local government after assessing which category your project falls in.

Building Permits in Lakeport

Any project involving expansions or significant alterations to your project’s structure or mechanical systems typically would require you to apply for a building permit.

Creating a Business Plan

Whether you’re starting a small business or finding ways to grow an existing company, it is important to…

Digital Marketing and Transformation

What is SEO and Why is it Important?

No matter what your business is, people might be already searching yours online, even if you’re a very small business. Know what SEO is and why it is important...

Financial Planning

Financial Planning for Small Businesses

Establishing a reasonable budget, targeting a wide range of clientele, and marketing your goods in the right manner are some of the foundations for a successful business.